The Products…

Harappa Bombay Mix is infused with explosive flavours ready to burst into your mouth! This is Bombay Mix for the 21st Century; we’ve a taken a traditional recipe – no cheap raisins or peanuts to bulk out the mix – and supercharged it. 3 scintillating flavours that you might recognise but have never before experienced in Bombay Mix… Choose one, then another – choose them all!

Hot Hot Chilli

First it’s the crunch of the mix, then the hot hot chilli explodes – can you handle it?

Lime & Coriander

Sensuous lime juice and sweet-scented coriander hit your taste buds together with the crunch of the mix – the sensation fills your mind!

Mango Chutney

The fruity fullness of the mango tussles with the mix head on – make your mind up why don’t you?

The Mix…

The Mix is all about authentic Indian flavours blended with authentic Indian crunchy bits, creating a traditional yet completely new Bombay Mix. Confused? – you won’t be when you become a mix fan. Old and new together make something really, really special – mouth action like no other snack. Crunch and grind and fun, fun, fun. Then the FLAVOURS, oh, those flavours…

The genius is all achieved through simplicity – the right stuff goes in, the great stuff comes out. No more, no less – and none of that artificial flavour nonsense here.

The Packs…

Cool or what? Our packs look like they’re going a hundred miles an hour when they’re standing still. The designs are inspired by the traditional Indian art known as Rangoli – past made present!

Sharp black and crisp silver filigree, with little daubs of colour, they stand up for themselves.

No, they really do stand up! See, it’s all down to science and the clever design we use to keep your Bombay Mix in the pack or in your fingers or in your mouth but not on the floor. Because that’s not where you want it! These are packs you can eat from nice and tidily without making a big old mess. But that’s not all - they’re also easy to open, with just a little push and then POP! But you expected that didn’t you?

OK, let’s run through that once again, Harappa Bombay Mix in Packs that stand up, don’t spill, look cool and open with a PushPop. Must be thinking one thing “Hmm, how wonderful this mighty new Bombay Mix from good old Harappa is”.

It’s time to mix-in!


Twitter: @harappaUK